Gallery visitor feet on floor

Admiring all we accomplish

Admiring all we accomplish by Deirdre Logue was presented by Tangled Art Gallery in collaboration with the Images Festival in collaboration with VibraFusionLab, April 7 to June 30, 2017. Co-presented with Gallery 44 and A Space Gallery, audiences were invited to a large-scale solo exhibition of Deirdre Logue, this year’s Canadian Artist Spotlight.

admiring all we accomplish – Deirdre Logue in collaboration w VibraFusionLab at Tangled Art Gallery (Captioned) from RedLab on Vimeo.

Deirdre Logue collaborated with VibraFusionLab to create artwork that was changed by the audience’s interaction with it. Vibrational haptics set the backdrop to a polyphonic soundscape integrating tactile audio and video extensions in Logue’s newest body of work. Private tests were made public in these personal experiments of the space between the body and the world. Logue used her body and the repetition of a single gesture, enacted repeatedly, to commune with household items and nature. Such audience/artist interaction, which is a distinguishing feature of Deaf and disability art, extends Logue’s provocation to think about how our bodies participate in and with the world.