Head and shoulder shot of a woman dressed in a black polo neck sweater and wearing a black wig over her face against a black background. Only her neck and chin are visible.

Alexa Wright

Alexa Wright is a visual artist based in London, UK. Her practice spans a range of media, including photography, video, sound, interactive installation and book works. She has worked at the intersection of art and medical science since the mid-1990s, when she became known for her award-winning photographs of people with phantom limbs, After Image. Alexa’s projects usually require a long period of research, often involving collaborations with people with disabilities, poor mental health or specific medical conditions. Her artworks address questions of human identity and otherness, and also aim to raise public awareness of some of the issues that surround physical and mental difference.

Recent work

  • 2019 Hybrid Bodies, Hybrid Minds, Concordia University Gallery, Montreal
  • 2018 Hybrid Bodies: Chiasma, Winchester Gallery, Winchester
  • 2017 The Heart Project, Gallery West, London

Art form

Visual Arts