Textile art hanging on gallery wall

Bodies in Translation: Age and Creativity

The Bodies in Translation: Age and Creativity exhibition was an exciting collaboration between Bodies in Translation, the Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) Art Gallery and the Nova Scotia Centre on Aging that ran from September 9th – November 12th.

This exhibition challenged assumptions on aging and age-related disability. Artists explored sexuality, the mental effects of aging, humour, and commemoration of departed friends, among other topics.

The exhibition included a public dialogue between co-curators, Eliza Chandler and Ingrid Jenkner, and artists Cecil Day and George Steeves. The conversation explored the role of disability arts in disability rights and justice movements. Artists, Day and Steeves, discussed how their works responded to the theme of the exhibition and how their works were impacted by the need and desire to make art accessible on multiple levels.

This accessible exhibition offered insight into various facets of experience and embodiment as we age. It featured work by Martimes-based artists Cecil Day, Michael Fernandes, Karen Langlois, Onni Nordman, MJ Sakurai, George Steeves, and Anna Torma.

View information about the exhibition on the MSVU Art Gallery website.

See media coverage of the show by The Coast and the CBC.


This is a panorama view of artist Anna Torma’s textile installation on a long gallery wall. To the far left is a grouping of cut out fabric pieces with different coloured fabrics stitched together. Below this grouping is a long banner of cream fabric with different traditional Hungarian folk patterns embroidered in red thread in a series of panels. To the right is a large horizontal rectangular panel of fabric with a honeycomb pattern embroidered in red, pink and white thread. Over to the right is another rectangular panel of fabric hung vertically with a figure stitched in red embroidery on a flowery background. To the right is a vertical rectangular red and white Hungarian wall hanging. Beside this to the right are two white pieces of fabric hanging off the wall in the from of a skirt and stacked above each other. And lastly, to the right of this is a large panel of fabric with a stitched honeycomb pattern and layers of web-like stitches in red, pink, white and earthy green.