Gallery installation

crip interiors: mixer

This exhibition was presented by Creative Users and installed at the Tangled Art Gallery August 10-12, 2017.

CRIP INTERIORS is an annual arts event that brings together disability-identified artists to consider how we understand accessibility and interior space through the process of dissecting what it means to be a “user” in the environments we inhabit. Each year, artists shape the event around life size interior white structures through a period of creative workshops.

Curatorial statement

Through MIXER, subtleties, nuances and complexities became awakened. This distinct mix of artists from within the disability identified Black, Indigenous and people of color communities bring their truths. They bring their intersections. They bring their quiet selves. They bring their thoughtful selves. The bring their laughter. They bring their sorrows. And We gather.

In this mix, we find ourselves lying on cushions, asking crucial questions that move us towards deepening a collective knowing. We eat. The food nourishes both the individual and the communal. We imagine. An imagination that brings us closer together and furthers our desire to co-exist without the gaze that often subjects us to feeling othered. We are far from being “the other” in this mix. We are in community with each other.

MIXER continues to evolve each moment we come together and shape the space we desire to be in. A cultivated space of communal process and stimulating dialog. Where new collaborations are thoughtfully explored. A space where we don’t have to always ask for the things that we need in order to thrive. In this vibrant space we crafted a new set of interiors [boxes] co-designed to address our unique ways of being in the world.

-Syrus Marcus Ware and Barak adé Soleil


Wy Joung Kou, Kanika Gupta, Anique Jordan, Melisse Watson and Najla Nubyanluv.