A photo of David Bobier.

David Bobier

As a hard of hearing and disabled media artist David Bobier’s creative practice is centred on researching and expanding vibrotactile technology and multi-sensory artistic modalities as creative mediums. He is the Founder and Director of VibraFusionLab (VFL) that aims to provide access to inclusive technologies for supporting greater accessibility in the arts. In his work he investigates multi-sensory artistic modalities in the creation and presentation of art by and for people of all abilities and explores broader applications of the sensory interpretation and emotionality of sound and vibration in art making practices and in audience experiences. VibraFusionLab has gained a reputation as a leader in the Deaf and Disability Arts movement in Canada and internationally.

He is a member of the Board of Media Arts Ontario, Founder and Co-Chair of Inclusive Arts London and Founder and Board Member of London Ontario Media Arts Association.

His work has been recognized with funding from Canada Council for the Arts, Ontario Arts Council, New Brunswick Arts Council, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Ontario Centres of Excellence, Grand NCE and British Council Canada.

His artistic practice has been acknowledged nationally and internationally in 16 solo exhibitions and over 30 group exhibitions. Bobier has served in advisory roles in developing Deaf and Disability Arts Equity programs for Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

Recent work

  • Presented 13 new vibrotactile interactive installations for “body language: Dani Crosby and David Bobier” 2019

Art form

Visual Arts
Sound Art
Performance Art




London, Ontario

Organizational Affiliation

  • VibraFusionLab
  • o’honey collective
  • Inclusive Arts London
  • London Ontario Media Arts Association
  • Media Arts Network Ontario


  • “body language: Dani Crosby and David Bobier.” Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, ON (October 2019 – January 2020)
  • “VibraFusionLab: Bridging Practices In Accessibility, Art and Communication,” Guelph Civic Museum, Guelph, ON. Curated by David Bobier.
  • ‘Outliers On Tour,’ Tangled Art Gallery. Collaborative work with Christine Negus, Toronto.
  • “The Other Abilities,” BROEDPLAATS LELY, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • “VIBE: transforming ableism through the arts,” Curated exhibition.
  • “Vibes”, 4th Space, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. Together 2012, London, UK and VibraFusionLab. Curated by Samuel Thulin and David Bobier.
  • “Other Energies,” Holding Patterns, ArtSpin. A collaborative installation with Mitchell Akiyama. Toronto, ON.
  • “Hear, See, Feel, What,” a collaboration between VibraFusionLab and Centre3, Hamilton featuring Disabled and abled artists. The project was presented in both London and Hamilton simultaneously.