A photo of Gaitrie wearing a blue wig and blue lipstick. She is wearing a metallic bodysuit and signing.

Gaitrie Persaud

Deaf artist, model, actress, Deaf Interpreter, ASL coach and infamous dynamic personality, Gaitrie “Natasha” Persaud, was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. Her family lineage hails from Portuguese, Brazilian, Guyanese, and Indian backgrounds. Before becoming a mom to three beautiful children, Gaitrie lived in New York State where she was able to meet Deaf BIPOC artists and was given an opportunity to collaborate on events as a model, artist, and promoter with Def Familia. Currently, Gaitrie is a musical performer for MDL CHLD, LAL and international singers. She is also working on her own Deaf BIPOC television series in American Sign Language (ASL) and the play “The Two Natashas” with Natasha Bacchus. Gaitrie recently performed with her group at Buddies in Bad Times for Pride. She is currently building her empire Phoenix the Fire. Her company is a theatre community hub providing workshops, resources, facilitating partnerships to leverage QTIBPOC Deaf Artists & their endeavours.

Recent work

  • PRIDE Performance
  • Live Streamed The Two Natashas
  • Canadian Improv team Eh! on Facebook livestream

Art form

Visual Arts
Performance Art