Screenshot from video of "The Gift" performance. Linnea Gwiazda and Maxine Segalowitz are pictured.

Ingrid Bachmann

Ingrid Bachmann is a Montreal artist who works in multiple formats including kinetic and interactive sculptures and installations, drawing, sound and video. She works with all levels of technology from redundant to relatively state-of–the-art digital media. Her work is less about creating new things but working with things that already exist in the world – people, places, animals, things, ideas and systems. Her work depends on me being in the world. She walks a lot, she talks a lot, and has broad and obscure interests that inform her work.

Bachmann has been involved in a number of art/science collaborations including the multi-year project, Hybrid Bodies, that to explores the impact of heart transplantation on recipients and on donor families. Bachmann has exhibited her working nationally and internationally including the Biennial of Havana (Cuba), Manifestation D’art International 6, (Quebec), the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (Canada), as well as exhibitions and festivals in Belgium, the U.S., Estonia, Singapore, Peru, Cuba, Australia, Hong Kong, and the UK.

Recent work (Projects/Solo Exhibitions)

  • 2021                                            
    Galeria Tallerlolo, Manizales, (Cuba)
  • 2017                                           
    Angry Work. Art Mûr Gallery, Montreal (Canada)                                          
  • 2015                                            
    Counterpoint. Art Mûr Gallery, Montreal (Canada)
    Survey exhibition that included The Portable Sublime, Pelt (Bestiary) and Symphony for 54 Shoes

    Pelt (Bestiary). Galerie Diagonale, Montreal (Canada)

Art form
Visual Arts
Sound Art

Heart transplant
Donor families
Head and neck cancer


Quebec, Canada