REAR is a large painting on the cotton backs of found Art History reproductions. A disabled female nude on her stomach with a leg prosthetic is pictured lying down on a blue- checkered bed on a carpet. Part of her bedding and bodice is shown in white around her head and upper body. There is a nightstand next to the bed with jewelry and an elegant ceramic jar on it.

katherine sherwood

Katherine Sherwood’s acclaimed mixed-media paintings gracefully investigate the point at which the essential aspects of art, medicine, and disability intersect. Her works juxtapose abstracted medical images, such as cerebral angiograms of the artist’s brain, with fluid renderings of ancient patterns; the paintings thus explore and reveal, with a most unusual palette, the strange nature of our time and current visual culture.
Sherwood’s work was exhibited in the 2000 Whitney Museum Biennial and at Yerba Buena Art Center in 2003 and 2009. Sherwood has had solo exhibitions recently at Gallery Paule Anglim in San Francisco, Locks Gallery in Philadelphia, Cole Pratt Gallery in New Orleans, Hemphill Gallery in Washington DC and Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles. The interdisciplinary relevance of her work has led to her participation in “Visionary Anatomies” at the National Academy of Science in Washington DC, “Inside Out Loud: Visualizing Women’s Health in Contemporary Art” at the Kemper Museum in St. Louis and “Human Being” at the Chicago Cultural Center. Katherine had a solo exhibition in 2007 at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC entitled “Golgi’s Door”. She co-curated the exhibition “Blind at the Museum” at the Berkeley Art Museum, and organized an accompanying conference at UC Berkeley. Sherwood was a recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship 2005-2006 and a Joan Mitchell Foundation grant 2006-2007. Her work was included in the Smithsonian Museum’s “Revealing Culture” and at a solo shows at Gallery Paule Anglim in San Francisco. She currently shows at George Adams Gallery in New York, NY, Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles, CA and Anglim Trimble in San Francisco, CA.

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