MIXER Audio Transcript

The following is the transcription of the audio clip with Syrus Marcus Ware included in Found in Translation volume 1, issue 1.

Syrus: we spent some time today talking a little about the collaborative box and people shared their ideas and we wrote them up on posts its. Really interesting ideas of Najla wanting to do some sort of miniature avalanche that comes down with small figurines coming down off the side of the roof. Kou had previously talked about cutting a hole in the back of the box and doing something with the backside. Anique talked about using her side on the interior to make some sort of, like an aquarium a sealed in section with water inside and living and dead things, potentially

Kanika talked about making use of the floor and putting maybe a false floor, a plexiglass floor that references the sort of glass ceiling but flipped on inside that many marginalized folks experience.

I talked about doing a little bit of printmaking on the side if I were to switch from the center and melisse talked about creating a periscope or a telescope that would be extended from the box and would allow you to see ip until the ceiling if you looked through it. And there would be mirrors and match things that sort of play with this idea of making things very accessible to people with low vision but not accessible for people with lots of vision access.

And then we talked about each person’s project idea of what they were thinking of bringing for the collaboration and then now people have broken off into pairs and are talking about ways they might be able to sort of connect and have synergies and collaborate for each of the boxes.  There was a desire from the group to do it with one person and then switch and also to kind of get a feel for the different working styles and ways of working.

That’s what everybody’s doing right now. Thanks.