artwork from the Outliers exhibition


Artist Michel Dumont­ reflects on his tile mosaic sculptures and live performance at the Outliers on Tour exhibition at Tangled Art + Disability. Dumont’s work engages how colonial oppression both shatters and re-creates his relationships to his past, present, and future as the son of an Indian Day School survivor and as a queer Métis two spirit artist.

This short documentary features a powerful performance in which Dumont uses a hammer to destroy a photograph printed on tile of an Indian Day School classroom as he reads out the names of each child. He later glues the pieces back together for him to form a mosaic.

This video was made in collaboration with Michel Dumont. Video by Anthroscope Media, created by Erin MacIndoe Sproule, and produced by Bodies in Translation.

Image description: A video still image of two taxidermy bear head forms covered in colourful mosaic tile.