Progress is a Spiral Upward

Tangled Art Gallery presented Progress is a Spiral Upward, an exhibition by sab meynert which ran September 7 to October 14, 2017

“Map out your inner life/ and watch the patterns emerge/// take flight.” – sab meynert

Progress is a Spiral Upward consisted of vivid drawings and sculptural pieces. sab meynert utilizes organic repetitive patterning, interweaving poetic imagery and text to reveal graphic maps reflecting life’s infinitely unfolding nature. For this premiere exhibit, meynert showed new pieces that incorporated semi-precious crystal, alabaster stone, 24k gold and silver, and organic matter, in addition to handcrafted ink and paint paper works. These new elements called upon their traditional knowledge, rooted in ways that intentionally drew out the metaphysical abilities of material, and move the work beyond the limits of form.

sab meynert is an artist & writer based in Toronto, whose work has been recognized as a melodic counterpoint to the independent arts publishing sector and exhibited at national & international galleries. meynert has collaborated with high profile musicians & artists and most recently published SPRAWLING HEART.