Relaxed performance: exploring accessibility in the canadian theatre landscape

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Relaxed Performance (RP) is an accessibility practice which “invites bodies to be bodies” in theatre spaces, including in their movement and vocalizations. RP also involves technical modifications, which were introduced in RP training sessions across Canada over the past several years.

The report was written by Andrea LaMarre, Carla Rice, and Kayla Besse.

One of the findings from our research, and the second phase of this project, involves bringing Relaxed Performance teachings to university curriculums. These teachings imagine what RP might look like when expanded beyond traditional theatre environments, into fashion studies, and choral music. Since September 2019, RP facilitators have been working with students in York University’s theatre department, and Ryerson University’s fashion studies department. Beginning in November 2019, RP facilitators will be working with University of Guelph vocal music students and choir members.