The Cycle: Deaf, Disability, Mad Arts and Inclusion

The Second Cycle engages deeply with the Deaf, disability and Mad arts community, and grapples with the idea of inclusion. National Arts Centre English Theatre launched the Second Cycle at the Stratford Festival in April 2016. The Second Cycle concludes in Ottawa in June 2017, when artists, leaders and students from the Deaf, disability and mad arts gather for ten days for The Study, culminating in a nation-wide, two day immersive experience called The Republic of Inclusion from June 27-29.

The Study: Together participants will explore the compendium of Deaf, disability and Mad art from across the country, and explore modes of inclusive performance creation practice. Eliza Chandler and Tracy Tidgwell participated in the Study.

The Study culminates with The Republic of Inclusion, a multi-day presentation and conversation event which aims to participate in changing the shape of Canadian theatre and the processes by which it is made. Carla Rice and Lindsay Fisher attended the RIC.