Artwork by Vanessa Dion Fletcher

Translation roundtable

We started this project a few years ago. We (Elwood and Tracy) came together as curators on the Translation roundtable to gather artists’ responses to Eliza’s provocation about how accessibility changes experiences of art at a time when the world looked, sounded, and felt differently than it does now.

Injustice, of course, has been with us all along and acutely felt and resisted by intersecting communities of Indigenous, Black, people of colour, disabled, Deaf, Fat, and mad people. However, the massive cracks in our systems had not yet been ruptured and left agape by the intense public response to the longtime disregard and murder of Black and Indigenous lives; before the Coronavirus pandemic had us sheltering in place, and began disproportionately impacting the lives of Black, brown, poor, Fat and disabled people, and revealed health and social inequities, like the dangers of living in congregate settings like prisons, care homes, and transitional group homes, inequities that many in our communities have been speaking out against for decades; before liberation movements (re)surged to the front.

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